Managing Compliance

Provable compliance

Working with Red Rock puts you in complete control of your organisation’s information and training requirements.

Anyone operating in a regulated industry, or working within a sector which expects specific training standards, will know how vital it is for staff to be trained accordingly with high quality programmes which meet the relevant standards.

The Red Rock LMS ensures that all those who need it, whether HR, training or compliance managers, will always have full visibility of the status of all staff and can access a complete audit trail for every person, helping to show due diligence at all times.

The system offers:

  • Straight forward data management
  • Simple access for staff
  • Single point of access for all training
  • Cost effective solutions that are less disruptive than off site options
  • Efficient, effective and trackable delivery when compared to other methods (such as training videos)

Course Information

All Red Rock e-Learning is professionally authored against Sector Skills Council guidelines, meets Core Skills Framework requirements and is acknowledged as fully CPD qualifying.