Your Own LMS (Learning Management System)

Comprehensive Learning Management System

Every client who registers with Red Rock Training can have access to our LMS (Learning Management System). It has been designed to offer a huge range of features that support administration efficiencies and offers a clear and complete audit trail for each person undertaking training, including the ability to:

  • Allocate and manage all of your registrations centrally
  • Maintain an up to date and permanent employee record
  • Review staff progress
  • Review all outcomes and exam results
  • Receive a detailed student transcript
  • Receive an alert when a refresher is due or a certificate expires
  • Be assured that you have a clear and concise audit trail
  • Prove that your company is compliant
  • Receive automatic notification of a pass or fail
  • Have certificates automatically delivered to an allocated central point or group address
  • Collect valuable feedback from your employees specific to each course they do
  • Be confident that All your training data is protected and backed up

Course Information

All Red Rock e-Learning is professionally authored against Sector Skills Council guidelines, meets Core Skills Framework requirements and is acknowledged as fully CPD qualifying.